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I’ve stopped keeping track of what I eat because the meals aren’t changing too much from what has already been recorded. If I come up with something exciting, I may throw a note about it into the ol’ blog.

The house was quiet all day because Max was off with the in laws and Bella slept a lot. I got some much needed organizing done that seems impossible to do with Max around and I watched two movies. Now that is what I call a great day!

My taste in movies has changed since having kids. I used to love watching movies that captivated my mind, my emotions and my inner dialogue. Now, I’m all about the fluff movies. Please, just pop in a movie I can get lost in – don’t make me think about what I’m watching. By the time I have a chunk of time to watch a film, I’m too exhausted to get deep. I want to forget about anything of any importance.

Hal and I have always been movie people and having kids hasn’t changed that about us. As it stands, our only source of entertainment is our Netflix account.

I watched Hide and Seek and Troy. Two movies that Hal had no interest in watching so it was up to me to get to them on my own. I was entertained. And Troy made me realize just how little I really know about history.

When Max finally came home it was around four o’clock. He had thrown up while eating at Bob Evans and both him and my MIL smelled like sour cottage cheese. Hehehe. Max has a delicate stomach and they aren’t quite sure how to navigate around it. Teeheheee.

Bella has started rolling around all over the place. I won’t be surprised if next month the girl starts crawling – despite my hopes that she’d put it off for a few more months. Max also started crawling around 6 months and walking around 10 months. I can not believe Bella is five months old, already. Damn these kids. They grow so fast.

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Had a pretty ordinary day today. Hung out, baked brownies, played outside. Oh, and went to therapy this morning – that was anything but ordinary now that I think about it.

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Lovin’ the Lazies.

I spent half the day on the phone and the other half taking a nap with Max. What a lovely relaxing day I had! I got absolutely nothing done around the house that I wanted to do and never made it to the bank. Ya gotta dig days like this because they are really far and few between… this is especially so because Max pretty much *let* me talk on the phone fo-eva and then slept for three hours after that. Nice.

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I had a bad parenting day, again, today. I’m starting to except that these kinds of parenting days, of all varieties, are going to happen.

Everything was going fine until Max overheard some other kid at the YMCA talking about cookies. From that moment on he demanded to have a cookie. He neeeeeded a cookie. He wasn’t going to leave the Y without a cooookieeee. He somehow knew that he could get cookies from the vending machine??? I don’t get that because I’ve never gotten him cookies from one of them before and I’m pretty sure his grandparents have not, either. Kids are psychic.

After trying to talk him into his car seat for about 15mins while the entire time he was crying, mommiieeeee buy cookie! – I gave in. Something I swore I’d never do to my whining child. Give in. We walked back into the Y, I bought him his damn cookies from the vending machine and he was happy as pie. Getting him into the car seat was a breeze. Then, we went to Publix and he got another cookie. Then, I had a stupid craving for Cheetos and stupidly opened the bag in the car. He had Cheetos.

I wish we lived on a vegan commune. Sure would make monitoring both of our diets 100x’s easier.

I don’t expect Max to never have junk food but today was just RIDICULOUS. I am happy that I can say that this is the first time I’ve pumped him full of junk. I’m even happier to admit that it probably won’t be the last (takes the pressure off my back). My goal is to just keep these kinds of days far and few between.

Tomorrow is another day.

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