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Yesterday we received a notice in the mail that our home owners insurance went up… therefore so did our monthly mortgage payment – by $211.00. In case you are curious, we have a mortgage loan for the amount of $125,000 – which by the way, is unheard of (extremely low) in our area. The only reason we paid so little for our home is because my dad sold me the house I grew up in for pretty much the amount that he had left to pay on it. Anyway, our monthly mortgage payment is… $1,309.00. I have excellent credit so our loan is a low interest loan. The area I live in is over priced, even as a buyer’s market. We are living paycheck to paycheck. It’s just not right.

Today, I received notice that our taxes are going down. Not sure at this point how much that will take off of our monthly payment but hell, anything would help.

This morning… Grandma told me that she would pay for Max to go to pre-school: 3 times a week, any three days I choose, for 3 hours in the morning – 9am – 12pm. I asked her to help me with the cost of preschool and she without hesitation said she’d be happy to foot the entire bill. I found a church that runs a toddler preschool for $44/week. I spoke with the woman who runs it, liked what she had to say so will be popping in for a visit sometime Friday morning.

Last night, my mom (she currently lives in New Hampshire) told me that she is definitely moving to our area next summer to “be a grandma.” I am so happy about this!

Things are looking up.

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