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BellaGrace was born at home after 20 hours of labor (hey, the whole, “it’s usually easier the second time around thing – BIG FAT MYTH – or, rather, take that word “usually” very lightly) at 10:46 pm, Friday, February 2, 2007 – Groundhog’s Day!

She weighed in at 10 lbs.

Hal was the perfect supportive partner throughout the entire labor and when you get to see some of the pictures my doula took, you may just tear up at how beautiful they are. About Nancy (our doula): we WOULD NOT have made it without her. She made this birth experience possible in more ways than I can rattle off right now.

More later when I’m feeling up to it. – may be in a while, may be tomorrow. However, I’m very excited to write this birth story!
Thank you to everyone who sent me the good vibes and well wishes – I’m sure you played a part in my “making it” through this birth.


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