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Birth Rant *Edited*

I am so tired. I wish I had a little pick-me-up right now. What would my “pick-me-up” consist of? Something intoxicating. Probably illegal [in most states]. And something that will make the ordinary seem really exciting.

Just kidding, mom.

Coffee will do.

Its been a long week and I am so happy Hal has the weekend off.

Max is passed out on the floor upstairs, during one of his two hour TV breaks, no-less, and Bella is playing contently in her playpen. I hate using the playpen but the poor girl breaks out when-ever I leave her on the floor for any length of time.

Last night I went to the birthing home to meet some friends for a Birth Story Circle we’ve created. We are all home birther’s. Three of the seven women present are pregnant with their second baby. Two of us already have had baby #2. And I *think* four of the women transferred to the hospital after or before their first baby was born for complications/failure to progress. And in case you are not familiar with home birth culture, a transfer to the hospital can be very traumatic. Going from a warm, nurturing, calm environment into a sterile, cold, impersonal place sucks [for lack of better wording].

We got together to talk about our birth experiences – from conception to postpartum. And WOW, talk about some intense power. You know that feeling when you realize how utterly privileged you are to hear personal information that someone dug up from the depths of their experiences? That feeling is power and vulnerability – in perfect harmony. That is what this circle of women represent to me.

My ultimate dream is that pregnancy and birth in our culture will someday be seen as normal – as opposed to the medical situation/emergency it is currently viewed as. I would love it if birth was taken out of the medical model of care offered by hospitals and placed into homes, birthing centers, and into the hands of the midwifery model of care. I would love it if pregnancy and birth were honored for the power it gives women and not the baby products it gives people the opportunity to buy. I would love it if fear didn’t trick people into believing hospitals are the best place for all babies to be born. Now, I know that home birth isn’t for everyone, and I certainly understand wanting relief from labor pains, but I’ll tell ya nothing feels better than eating home cooked food and crawling into your own bed after pushing a baby out of your twat. I hate that we are taught to fear the pain of labor and to allow that fear to direct our birthing choices. I hate it that the medical establishment has bamboozled an entire nation into thinking all women need medicine and technology to birth a baby.

Most pregnancies and births would unfold without a monitor ever beeping, if only allowed. And for those that don’t run without a hitch – I thank the stars we are a high tech society. Birth belongs to women, not the medical industry.

The clouds are thick in our culture, but I still have faith that a mighty wind of voices will someday push them away.

Yes, by nature I am an optimist.

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