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Gifts during the year come in many forms. It just seem extra special when they arrive during the month of December. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m starting to become very interested in food again. In the beginning, having such an ungawdly restricted diet depressed the hell out of me. Now, I’m feeling pretty f’ing excited about the taste of whole foods (you know, vegetables, grains, beans) and have begun to see my eating habits as more of a part of life than a “restricted diet.” Come to find out, flavor was not as easily available to my buds with the high sugar/preservative/processed foods vegetarian lifestyle I had pre-Bella.

While driving from Max’s preschool to Bella’s acupuncture appointment I missed my turn and happened upon a local produce market. Score! Then, as I’m excitedly telling a friend about said market, she informs me of another market that is local and organic. Double score!

Mind you, knowing about the importance of eating healthfully isn’t new for me. However, wanting to eat healthy and conscientiously is a completely new desire. It’s not that I have been unaware of the two concepts working together. It’s more like I have never really put it on my list of, “This Is Important To Me – Important Enough To Drive Thirty Minutes For It.”

I’m very excited to check out this place, Saturday morning (I love that the site has a crop schedule). All the produce is grown right on the farm that sells it. I think I’ll try to drag my whole family out there!

The gift for me [better than just having the information in my head… if that makes any sense?] came in the form of Awareness. Awareness about Earth and the importance of a community’s connection, just hit a little closer to home.

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