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Max is old enough (Yay!) where I can allow him to play in our back yard while I type on the computer. I periodically (every 3 mins or so) get up to check on him through the window. Nice. Bella is on the floor getting into EVERYTHING. Let the fun begin!

My in-laws are buying our kids a swing set for Christmas! I am very excited about this. Our backyard is slowly but surely becoming kid-friendly.

Max is really into dinosaur bones. I think I know what he will be getting for Christmas. He just called me outside to look at the bones he found…

Peaking through the window and witnessing his latest excavation site:

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I’m trying to get Max use to the idea that, Mommy can’t play with you all the time. Whenever I tell him this he exclaims very matter of factly, You can!

Max’s version of dino-bones:

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He calls me outside every 30 seconds or so to look at his dino-bones.

Proud paleontologist:

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Hard at work:

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By mid-morning the day was starting to shape into the same kind of day I had yesterday. Instead of putting up with it… I took the kids and fled to my MIL’s house for a little respite. Grandma (Hal’s grandma, not my MIL) is always a huge help when I bring the kids over. She is very attentive to Max and that allows me some breathing room. Plus, they have the best water pressure of any shower that I have ever showered in, in my life. It’s a heavenly massage that I stand in for as long as my skin will stand it.

Bella’s skin has been going in and out of rashes with her eczema. I have had to tighten the reigns, so-to-speak, and cut out hummus and corn. I was a little iffy about these two items before but, blah, they’re outta here.

Anyhoo, gotta run… Max is screaming at the top of the stairs for me.

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