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The Christmas Fairy just left and took with her two bags of Max’s old toys – all of them plastic and made in China. Most of them were dinosaurs. I hope he understands (yeah right). Today is going to be tough but I really want to teach him that he doesn’t need a lot of toys to play and have fun. I want to show him how to use his imagination – something I have only done in small ways up to this point.

This is going to be hard because our entire culture and a few well meaning relatives are against me on this one. I am okay with some plastic toys in the house but come on… two garbage bags full of plastic crap??? I’ve gotta put my foot down somewhere on this issue and today it just went down.

This is probably the last photo that will be taken for a while that shows Max liking his mommy. *Sigh*


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Breakfast: Oatmeal (enough for two people) with 1 tbl of flax seed oil & some sugar in it.
Lunch: Lentils (protein) that I made yesterday.
Snack: French fries and tater tots, hummus (protein) & carrots, and a small bowl of Cocoa Krispies
Dinner: Black beans (protein) with onions & garlic.

The tater tots and hummus had soybean oil in them. I’m not sure at this point of how strict I need to be about by-products. I’m keeping an eye on em’ just in case. And as you can see, I had a total carb-need attack this afternoon between lunch and dinner. Tomorrow, I’m heading out to Whole Foods to see what treats I can get for days like this. I also have a very good friend who eats a lot healthier than what I am eating (a lot of raw dishes) so I’m trying to gleam some healthy food snacks from her recipe box.

We have been using the steroid cream on Bella’s tough spots, the prescription lotion all over her body and some antibiotic cream when her skin oozes (which its not doing any more). It is working! I have a feeling her skin will be at 100% tomorrow and we’ll be able to bring the daily skin regiment down to just the lotion!

Look ma, no gloves!

After Max did some finger/hand painting I threw his arse in the pool! We had a pretty busy day.

Hanging out on the porch…

This is what we are watching…

I always hug and kiss on Bella as much as possible when I have her to myself. Whenever Max is with us he insists that Bella is his baby and hogs all the kisses and hugs! Notice how Bella is keeping her eyes on her big bro.

Around 5 pm I gave Max a bath. Afterwards, as I was lathering his skin with lotion he fell fast asleep. Of-course, he’s wide awake right now at almost 9:30pm, in his room playing with papa.

And yes, I realize I’m a photo ho! At the end of this year, I’m going to turn this blog into a book. Not because I think someone will buy it.  Heaven’s no!  I’m printing this out because it is a part of our family lore.

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Had a pretty ordinary day today. Hung out, baked brownies, played outside. Oh, and went to therapy this morning – that was anything but ordinary now that I think about it.

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Slept in today until 9 am, with Bella snuggled up beside me instead of the usual larger toddler, Max. I woke up with a splitting headache that I’m still trying to get rid of. I seem to have acquired the ability to obtain these headaches as a reminder that I can’t eat too much chocolate. Ouch.

Hal picked Max up from Lola’s and they got home around 11am. We put this awesome little house together made from a cardboard box that Liz and I found in the parking lot of Target last night…

After lunch I set the pool up and Max had some water time before he and I crashed out for a nap around 2 pm. There is no picture of me today because I’m withering away in pain behind the camera. It’s 4:45 pm as I write this and the damn thundering in my forehead is still lingering. It’s so sad because I really love gorging out on dark chocolate and peanut butter. Oh well.

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