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Only two more long days to go before I get a break.

I made home made macaroni and cheese last night that tasted so fucking awesome. Hal made a special request for it the night before so I was excited to make it for him. He rarely asks for specific foods so when he does I know its something he has been practically dreaming about. I meticulously followed a recipe I got from the internet that turned out to be a total bomb. As in it really sucked ass. It took me about an hour of adding cheese and soymilk and salt and sampling it each time I added something to get it to taste like the magic mac and cheese should resemble. I was so proud. I saved this meal! It was soul food worthy.

When Hal got home from work I needed badly to get out of the house for a bit so took the dogs for a walk. Or rather, I planned on taking them for a walk. Before I left I threw a load of laundry in the wash and transferred the diapers into the drier. As I was walking out of the laundry room I heard Hal screaming, “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” I immediately sprinted towards the stair case while he continued to scream as if paralyzed in those words. I shouted back, “What?! What?!” The thoughts that went through my head in those moments stung my chest to a point where I don’t want to ever remember them. So I can’t share em’ here but you can imagine the worst and that is what I feared. Running up the stairs I shouted, “SPEAK!!!!” because Hal’s lack of words was really freaking me out. As I approached the top step I could smell the smoke and see it filling the house. “IT was on fire!” Hal finally spit out as he pointed to the kitchen. I looked over at the stove, didn’t see any flames, and then noticed the glass pan that held my precious mac and cheese was placed on the front burner. When I left to take care of the laundry and walk the dogs, I turned the back burner on to steam the fresh green beans. I figured by time I got back, they’d be done. Only, I turned the wrong burner on. I turned on the front one. IT WAS ON HIGH and now my creation resembled something akin to a heap of trash producing smoke. I ran into the kitchen and turned the burner off. My mac & cheese had exploded. Like a bomb. Glass was everywhere. I stepped all in it as I ran to the stove. Mac & cheese was everywhere. My first thought was, I wonder if any of this is salvageable? Yeah, it was that good. But, I don’t think it is recommended to eat shards of glass, no matter how few. Hal took Max downstairs and showed him the Sesame Street website while I cleaned up the floor.

As I laid in bed with Max trying to get him to sleep, all the “what ifs” kept running through my head. When I finally got Max to bed and after I walked the dogs I broke down and starting crying uncontrollably. Hal, who was cleaning the glass and food off the counter tops, stopped to hold and consoled me as best as he could. Those are some painful “what ifs” to have to think about.

After calming down, I figured I’d at least steam the green beans and eat them tomorrow. I turned the burner on and about 10 minutes later I noticed the burning smell and lack of boiling sounds coming from the pot. I then realized that I forgot to put water in the bottom pan. Hal and I just looked at each other and I exclaimed that we’re going on a cold sandwich and raw foods diet until this pregnancy is over. This is clearly a bad case of Pregnancy Brain. I have become a cooking hazard.

Poor Hal, when he finally was able to sit down and eat the awesome cheese sandwich and Pringles Chips I made for him, at around 10:30pm, he sighed, “It feels like I just got off work.”

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