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Great News Just In Yesterday:

My social security disability was approved! I am so relieved. I will have to go back to court in a year for another review but that is a-okay with me. If I’m still nursing Bella, I’ll qualify again. If our nursing relationship has ended that will mean I’m back on my meds and able to go back to school/work so won’t qualify for disability. The good thing is, I will have it for a year and they pay me retroactive from the day I became disabled – three years ago.

We are going to be smart with our new second income. We started dummying up when I lost my disability from Aetna (private insurance, still fighting them with an attorney) over a year ago. We knew things would be tight and we’d have to watch every penny. We’ve been able to avoid using our credit cards sans Oscar’s hospital bills and a couple small home repairs. I am proud of us for not racking up the debt while we’ve been living under Hal’s income. Yay us!

Our goal is to continue to live under Hal’s income. We need to do a few more structural repairs to our home and take care of the yard so the kids can play in it safely. Other than that, we are paying off the small amount of debt we have and banking the rest. I’m even considering chipping bigger chunks out of our mortgage to bring down that monthly expense (the highest one we have).

Its funny, now that I know we will have more money, I all of a sudden feel I need so many things… a new camera, a laptop, a new double stroller, furniture, mini van… it is going to take a lot of self control to just wait on that stuff. The truth is, I don’t need it – I want it. It would be much better to wait on my “wants” until I am actually able to go back to work.

Hal and I are going to treat ourselves, but within reason. I’m getting some small tat work done, Hal might, too. And Hal is getting some nice new clothes for his new supervisor position he’ll be starting in a month. As he said, “I can’t have my subordinates dressing better than me.” I concur.

So this is excellent news for my little family. I feel like I can exhale.

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